Quit Smoking for ONLY $400!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Home Office is a central location of Portalington.

What are your available hours?

We are available at whatever time is suitable to the client –

late afternoon and weekend appointments also available

What is the cost?


Quit Smoking in a Single Session                  $400

OldPain2Go Treatment                                   $300

Other Issues, First Consultation                     $400

Subsequent Consultations                             $200

Quitting Reinforcement, rarely required          $200


I have a very high success rate; you will find that Hypnotherapy turns
down the craving dial to a remarkable degree. Don’t bother booking if
you’re on Champix, patches or Nicotine gum – you can’t cure a drug with
a drug! You will be given tools that work, and a Handout that lists them
at the conclusion of the session. Bring your ciggies,  this matters, most
of my clients have their last ciggie just before their appointment,

Skype and Zoom Consultations.

Essential: NO pets, kids or family in room.

If there is a house phone – off the hook!

No renovations or other work in the house.

Image needs to be waist up, arms visible.