Hypnosis is a natural state that everyone is capable of entering. Whilst in a state of hypnosis you are safe, you can hear all that is happening and you can stop at any time you wish. Everyone can be hypnotised.

Hypnotherapy is a serious path to self-improvement, please don’t confuse it with stage hypnosis as seen on TV and in Hollywood fiction. During hypnotherapy, you are in a heightened state of awareness, whilst extremely relaxed.

The subconscious mind is where we store our beliefs and values, and it controls all our body functions. It judges, approves and disapproves of what gets stored in the subconscious. Poor information stored in the subconscious mind can become part of our life patterns.

Behaviours like smoking, stress, anxiety, unhealthy eating habits, and self-image become part of who we are. People may try over and over to lose weight, stop a habit, stop smoking, at the conscious level. Their results are mostly limited and discouraging. Hypnosis gets to the subconscious, which is unlimited. This is why it works! We are by-passing the conscious and changing the subconscious patterning.

The quit smoking treatment is 100% successful, over 90% of the time. For most smokers, in just one session! Should a second be required this is at a greatly reduced fee and will consolidate your recovery from a heavy nicotine habit.

Other issues require from one to three treatment sessions, depending on the type of condition. Each session reinforces the result and long term success.

No more than a week between sessions is recommended for maximum effectiveness.